How to Design a Home for Remote Working?

After the Covid-19 pandemic, many industries have decided to work remotely. This concept, which was initially implemented due to the crisis, has now turned into an efficient and effective business model. With the right steps and effective planning, it is possible to make working areas extremely enjoyable. How Does? Here are home design suggestions that will make remote workers feel good and increase their working efficiency!

How to Organize the Working Environment from Home?

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    One of the biggest problems with working from home is under- or over-working by not determining the working time properly. To solve this problem, you can prepare yourself with an effective program and actually apply it. In cases where you feel inefficient at work, you can take short breaks or communicate with your teammates regularly to increase your motivation. Connecting work life to routines and spreading it over a certain period can help you get effective results. Especially for real estate agents working remotely using digital real estate agent software, the most effective working environments can be designed as follows:

    Ergonomic Environment

    The preferred environment during remote work must be suitable for prolonged sitting. For this reason, work equipment such as desks, chairs and computers should be positioned correctly and should be preferred in accordance with body ergonomics. Factors such as the right height of the desk and the support of the sitting area for spinal health make you feel more physically comfortable and increase work efficiency.

    Correct Lighting

    Proper lighting of the space is very important to work efficiently. Too much glare or insufficient light can cause problems such as eye disorders and headaches. For this reason, you should ensure that the place you work in benefits from natural light as much as possible. Spacious and wide desks, which are usually used in front of the window, are ideal for remote working environments. However, if you do not have such an area in your home, you can set up the working environment to make maximum use of daylight and benefit from lighting products on the table.

    Open Shelving System

    Having a neat and clean work area increases work motivation. For this reason, the equipment you need should be found on the work desk, and products such as files and documents should be stored in an accessible way. The open shelf system, which adds colour to the decoration of the space and is used as an effective storage solution, can come to your rescue at this stage. If your desk is in front of a flat wall, you can store official documents, lease agreements and printouts using an open shelving system. Thus, you can both prevent the desk from getting too cluttered and keep the files you need handy.

    Moving Products

    Work-from-home spaces should be flexible environments conducive to movement. In this way, you can avoid standing in the same position for a long time and create new alternatives for yourself. For example; You can expand the movement area by using furniture such as movable cabinets and wheelchairs. You can offer faster solutions for your customers by using wheeled products, especially in the real estate business, which requires digital when appropriate and phone calls when appropriate. In the meantime, you should take care that the work area is in general harmony and offers flexibility as well as comfort so that you feel mentally motivated while making maximum use of the work area physically.

    Using the tools of digital real estate programs while providing real estate consultancy is also an option that increases business efficiency. Thanks to the Fizbot real estate CRM platform, which facilitates customer management by performing automatic scans in the background, you can both save time and greatly reduce the extra workload on you.

    You can also provide a professional real estate service with Fizbot real estate software after you set up a fun and comfortable workspace for yourself. Click here to meet the Fizbot digital real estate consultant, which allows you to specialize in subjects such as 3-dimensional housing visits, posting management and customer satisfaction!

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