Satisfy Your Buyer’s Demand with Hand-drawn Areas!

In our mobile and web applications, we are introducing the feature of hand drawing on a map so that agents can determine their buyers’ demands more specifically. By using this feature, Fizbot users will be able to make more consistent and efficient analyzes on coastlines, streets or neighborhood boundaries.

Why is it important?

When the client describes a location but has difficulty determining the exact location, the assistant can draw the location by hand and forward it to the real estate agent. For example, if a client wants to buy a house in certain compound in a particular area, the consultant can accurately determine the boundaries of these sites thanks to the hand-drawing feature.

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    Access Steps:

    After selecting the “Prospect Buyer” button on the mobile platform from the home page, the hand drawing feature can be used during location selection when you reach the “Find Matching Listings” step. On the web platform, go to the “Leads” option from the left menu and open the form with the “Create Lead” button in the upper right corner. Here, you can access the manual drawing feature by selecting the ‘Buyer’ option and then selecting the location.


    Real estate agents and buyers will be able to search for potential properties more specifically and quickly. Additionally, thanks to different location choices, they will have the opportunity to conduct research in a wider area.

    The Hand Drawing feature, which you can use when adding a Buyer Lead after the Expertise Area, will allow you to effectively track leads and sales even in a narrow area!

    We wish you a productive day!

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