We Customized and Improved Your Competitor Market Analysis!

We know the importance of our competitor market analysis report for Fizbot users. So much so that this feature broke a Fizbot record by being used 65 thousand times throughout 2023. This number means an average of 190 reports per day.

As Fizbot, we have further improved our competitor market analysis with the belief that even our best feature can be better!

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    What changed?

    While doing the analysis, you can tell your seller’s property information to Fizbot for a better analysis, and then determine by drawing or circling the area where you want to develop the report for a more consistent result.

    How can you access it and how does it work?

    • After clicking the “Prospect Seller” button on the home page, click the “Prepare Market Study” button in the menu that opens.
    • At this point, you will be presented with an option where you can choose your seller’s plan. Continue by choosing one of the “Wants to sell” or “wants to rent out” options.
    • Specify the category of the real estate in the new menu that opens.
    • Pin the exact location of the property by searching by address or navigating on the map.
    • This will allow you to make a much more consistent analysis.
    • In the menu that opens, you need to enter the gross area of the real estate. In addition, you can specify the number of rooms and the year of construction if you wish.
    • To specify the area where Fizbot will analyze, click on the map on the newly opened page and add this area either by drawing or with a circle.
    • Enter gross square meter and construction year ranges to be able to select comparable listings more flexibly.
    • Access your analysis by clicking the “Prepare Market Study” button.

    What are the advantages?

    Now you will be able to see a much more accurate market average as Fizbot knows both the characteristics and location of the property you want to analyze and the exact boundaries of the area to be analyzed. You can continue to see the ads used in the report by scrolling down on the report page that opens. If you want to get a report, you can continue by clicking the “Report” button as before.

    Fizbot’s analytical side is one of our most powerful features. By developing this further, we offer you, our valued Fizbot users, a stronger market dominance when working with the seller. Follow us so you don’t miss future developments.

    We wish you a productive day!

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