How Can You Identify Buyer Needs Correctly?

In the competitive real estate market where there are many real estate agents, it is extremely important that you do your best to make all clients feel special. Otherwise, you could lose them to another broker and risk losing your business altogether in the future. In order to have more buyer returns and at the same time benefit from their references, what you need to do is to determine your personal real estate needs well. But do you know what it takes to turn every buyer you work with into a happy customer?

1.   Reason for Purchase

Every real estate purchase is unique in itself and can mean something different to the buyer. Therefore, the needs of a buyer who invests in real estate to earn rental income and a buyer who plans to live in the property they will buy are not similar. While one party is looking for a property in a popular location where it can get higher profits in the long run and at the same time have high rental income; the other party looks for a property suitable for work, school and living standards. Therefore, the first step you should take before starting a property search is to determine the purpose of the purchase and plan further research accordingly.

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    2.   Getting to Know Your Customers

    At the stage where the property search begins in detail, it is very important to learn the daily habits, tastes and wishes of the buyer in order to fully meet the requirements. You can collect a lot of data by focusing on getting to know them better in your conversations with the potential buyer, then combine this data with real estate software tools to meet the needs in the best way. For example; The buyer’s age, family status, who will stay in the property and social life can be listed among the data you can consider at this stage.

    3.   Ability to Empathize

    All real estate clients want to know they are cared for and therefore prefer to work with a trusted advisor. Therefore, you should always put the buyer in the foreground and indicate that you care about his wishes, both in your property searches with real estate programs and in site screenings. When you do this with a friendly and approachable attitude, you increase your chances of getting a prospective referrer.

    4.   Acting Within Budget

    Finally, not pushing the budget limits too much and determining reasonable price ranges for buyers are among the basic needs that every consultant should meet. Even if you prefer to exceed the budget a little by taking into account the bargaining share at this stage, you should not forget about the additional costs that will arise during the purchase and should not give your customer false hope for a property that will never be. Such a situation will not only upset the other party, but may also result in him losing his desire to work with you and to buy a house.

    5.   Distinguishing Personal Needs and Wants

    Most buyers begin their property search by having specific goals in mind and share those wishes with their real estate agent. Therefore, when looking for a property that will make the buyer happy, you should pay attention to listening to their wishes rather than focusing on the listings in your own portfolio. In the meantime, you should not neglect to separate the definite needs that must be met from the demands that may be variable according to the situation. For example; If the buyer specifically needs a property in a particular location and with a specific number of rooms, it should aim to meet those needs; you should be able to offer different alternatives for other requests such as view, number of floors and balcony and terrace situation.

    It’s always helpful to offer customers multiple options to increase their home sales, and for this you might consider using real estate agent software that automatically tracks the housing stock in your area. Thus, you will reach the most ideal residences that meet the needs of the customers in the shortest time, and you will get happy buyers.

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