What is Staging in Real Estate?

The technology developing day by day is also affecting the real estate sector closely. The real estate market, where a new vehicle comes into play every day, focuses on providing faster and easier solutions for customers. Real estate programs used in this sense affect the presentation of portfolio ads while providing convenience for potential buyers and affecting their purchasing decisions. For real estate consultants, it means developing a much more effective marketing strategy. Recently, the “staging” system, which is an effective sales technique, has come to the fore.

What is staging?

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    Staging is a concept that was translated into Turkish from English and basically means “staging”. Today, it is known especially for its expansion in the real estate sector. The staging system, which has been used for many years around the world, can be explained as the arrangement of a house or space before it is presented to potential buyers and staging it according to the needs. However, although its use today is very similar to this, it is much more effective and useful. The most impressive aspect of the staging system is that before the home visit, the place is arranged in a way that is suitable for life, it is purified from excesses, and it offers an idea about how to build a life in it. This feature helps to speed up the decision-making process by eliminating the questions in the mind of the buyer.

    When combined with staging digital real estate agent tools, which are one of the most persuasive assistants for real estate agents, it allows you to meet portfolio ads with buyers in a short time!

    How is Staging Used in Real Estate?

    Staging is a system that enables a space opened for sale or rental to be presented with living alternatives. Unlike decoration, it does not aim to give the space a personal appearance, but rather to appeal to a wider audience. The studies carried out for this purpose are to present the space with a few basic pieces of furniture in general and to provide an idea of ​​​​how a life can be established in it. Staging, which was done physically before, can now be prepared in digital environment with the help of technological developments. This type of system, on the other hand, ensures that different living alternatives are prepared in a single place and that the portfolio advertisement reaches more buyers.

    The staging strategy used in real estate has the following advantages:

    • It enables portfolio ads to be transferred to digital media with 3D modelling utilities such as VRX Staging, Roomy and VisualStager.
    • Thanks to the advanced programs used, the lighting feature of the place, its view and the way of life in it can be presented as a video.
    • It is an ideal solution to reach more buyers in a short time.
    • It is a cheap and effective marketing technique.
    • It enables a single space to be presented with multiple living alternatives, thus helping general users to get an idea of ​​the space.
    • It answers the questions in the mind of the buyer by accelerating the decision-making process.
    • It ensures that the property is presented in its best possible form and that people imagine themselves living there. In this regard, it is extremely effective.

    Digital staging helps you act much faster than traditional staging. Since virtual reality and augmented reality-base   d programs are used during the preparation for the presentation, the space can be best reflected and arranged in such a way that different lifestyles can be established in it. Digital staging, which is a much more effective marketing technique than traditional methods, accelerates your activity in the real estate field when used with real estate CRM applications.

    With a new generation and unique real estate agent software such as Fizbot, you can analyze the needs in your area, so you can find more permanent answers to customer desires. In the meantime, by using the staging system that increases your real estate presentation ability, you can reach the buyers around you as soon as possible and zero the risk of missing potential sales.

    If you want to be a consultant who carries your work to the future by following technological developments, you can examine what you will achieve with Fizbot real estate software here.

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