FSBO Strategies for Realtors

FSBO, which is frequently used in real estate advertisements recently, is one of the concepts that we previously encountered with terms such as “without commission” or “without intermediary”. Translated from English to Turkish, FSBO means “For Sale By Owner” and is especially preferred by those who want to sell their properties without commission. Although the absence of real estate consultants allows properties to be sold cheaper, the inability to develop the right FSBO strategies causes disadvantages such as lengthening the sales process. It is of great importance that real estate consultants who come into play at this stage use the most ideal FSBO techniques.

FSBO Advantages

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    It is preferred by many property owners to sell real estate without a real estate agent. Since there is no consultancy service in the advertisements for sale by the owner, the buyer does not need to pay a real estate agent commission. As a result, property sales are realized at more affordable prices. The main advantages of FSBO postings are:

    • With this method, the seller and the buyer save on commission payments.
    • The 4% real estate agent share is not included in FSBO sales, so the property sold finds a cheaper buyer.
    • Transactions without intermediaries allow direct communication between the buyer and the seller.

    The FSBO system, which seems to be very profitable at first, especially because it does not require commission, actually has many disadvantages in itself. For example; There is no market analysis for properties that are put up for sale without consulting services. Therefore, there is a risk of realizing a sale outside the market valuation and at an unbalanced price. In addition, real estate programs that are effective in the rapid realization of sales are not included in this system, so the sales process may take longer than expected.

    How to Develop FSBO Strategies

    The FSBO system, which comes to the fore with more disadvantages than advantages for property owners, is potential advertisements for real estate consultants. FSBO postings that have dragged on and cannot be put up for sale at expected value can be added to the consultant’s portfolio by adopting the right marketing strategies.


    The most critical point in adding the owner’s advertisements to the portfolio is to inform the other party about the advantages of working with a real estate agent. In the meantime, it is important to talk about the advantages you offer without being too pushy and to establish a sincere communication. Consultants with high persuasive and effective communication skills can include such advertisements in the sales circle in a short time.


    Another thing that helps you add FSBO listings to your portfolio is putting the property up for sale at the right price. For this reason, other similar advertisements in the region should be checked and regional analysis should be done. A real estate agent software that automatically monitors market data, sends notifications and offers detailed analysis reports makes it possible to realize sales as soon as possible.

    Providing access to more than 3 million historical records, Fizbot real estate software helps you check the listings in your area and determine the most accurate prices for FSBO properties with its rich database. This helps FSBO advertisers bring their properties into your portfolio.

    Listing Editing

    Adding FSBO listings to the portfolio of consultants means it appeals to a wider clientele, which means the property owner can make a profit in the shortest time possible. At this stage, it is important to ensure that the current property is matched with the right buyer using marketing strategies. The reorganization of the advertisements on the online platforms with the right photo sharing and the informativeness of the shares on social media will help you sell the property in the fastest way.

    Fizbot real estate CRM software, which supports real estate consultants in customer management, not only prevents disputes between buyers and sellers but also helps you to do your business with maximum efficiency.

    If you want to specialize in your region by developing effective marketing tactics for both FSBO postings and your current portfolio postings, you can start working with Fizbot digital real estate assistant by clicking here!

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