5 Important Applications That Make Real Estate Agents’ Jobs Easier

Many of today’s professions make frequent use of digital tools. Just like in other sectors, the adaptation of such useful tools is very important in real estate so that things can run faster and more efficiently than before. Sometimes, when you get stuck in the smallest calculation, having an application that gives automatic results at hand or consulting artificial intelligence for the most comprehensive documentation details is very effective in not interrupting the work. Without further ado, let’s move on to 5 life-saving applications for real estate agents.

1.    Evernote

Evernote is much more than a classic note-taking application, allowing you to save documents in different formats such as photos, audio files, handwriting, drawings or websites. Using the cloud-based storage system by supporting various widgets, the application allows you to review the notes you take on devices such as computers, tablets and phones. It also stands out with its features that increase work efficiency, from filtering folders and projects to tagging and setting a specific start-end date for studies. With Evernote, which allows searching within files and images, including PDF and Excel files, you can develop the habit of taking regular notes and automate many processes that require additional control at work.

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    2.    Compass

    Another of the applications that modern real estate agents must use is Compass software, which does much more than show your location. This app not only provides you with latitude, longitude and altitude information in your area, but also answers some important questions such as which direction the windows face and how much sun the property gets. Therefore, you can make great presentations and turn potential customers into permanent references by making use of compass data, especially in property displays.

    3.    Google Drive

    The fact that most transactions have shifted to digital today has brought us all a great deal of convenience, but it has caused us to encounter a new problem such as storable space. At this point, Google Drive is a cloud-based software that supports archiving files by offering quite a large space. The fact that there is an intelligent and reliable platform behind it, that the personal space can be expanded according to needs, and that it works in full harmony with other Google applications such as Calendar, Meet and Chat are just a few of the features that make Drive useful. Therefore, if you have problems with storage space, it is possible to facilitate data access by connecting the systems in your workplace to a simultaneous and cloud-based Drive account.

    4.    Hootsuite

    Social media, another modern requirement for real estate agents, can sometimes become complicated due to the distribution among multiple accounts. If you use multiple accounts such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and share different qualities on these accounts, the Hootsuite application that connects all accounts may be for you. This application, which is ideal for those who do not want to spend a lot of time on social media, allows you to pre-determine what kind of post you will share on which account, on which day and at what time. After entering the necessary information and setting the time, all that remains is to wait. It is possible to lighten the workload on you with a regular Hootsuite use.

    5.    Fizbot

    In addition to all these, it is now very important for real estate consultants to follow all market inputs and verifiable data and come up with a suitable business plan. All such transactions are made much easier thanks to the Fizbot real estate software, which is specially developed for consultants and aims to meet all the needs in the real estate field on its own. Fizbot offers a wide range of functions from the sharing of portfolio advertisements to real estate pricing, from automatic buyer registration to preparation of presentation files; A fully automated digital real estate agent. Furthermore, its rich database helps to analyze the price movements of the past years, to be aware of the current price changes, in short, to catch the best opportunities on time and to make realistic future predictions. This automatically helps you access an advanced real estate CRM platform and best meet customer needs. In addition, comparison tables, in-office document archiving system and loan calculation tools allow you to achieve maximum efficiency in real estate management.

    If you want to meet Fizbot, a new generation real estate agent software, and step into a much more professional, automatic and smart real estate world, you can click here!

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