What is the Sales Pipeline in the Real Estate Industry?

It would be best to specialize in many subjects as a real estate professional. Still, it would not be an exaggeration to say that perhaps the most important of them is the sales pipeline. The first step in developing an efficient business is effective sales management. If you are wondering more about the sales pipeline, […]

What is new in Fizbot: 2023 August Version

At Fizbot, we aim to increase efficiency with a greater focus on usability, sustainability and controllability. This month, we are proud to introduce new features designed to help offices manage time and focus on their more important work, even in a busy industry. What’s New? WhatsApp Business Integration and Synchronized Lead Messages Between Office and […]

What are KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) for Real Estate Offices?

As in every business, following basic performance data is the key to sustainable success in the real estate sector. These data, called KPIs for short, and showing how business efficiency is doing, maybe the key point you need to understand exactly where you went wrong. In this guide, the most important metrics you need to […]

Role of Apple Vision Pro in the Real Estate Industry

It is clear to what extent virtual reality technology affects all areas, especially the real estate sector. As a result of the ever-developing and widespread use of technology, many of the actions that were previously done manually can now be performed both with a minimum margin of error and in a much shorter time. Apple […]